2012 Lenten Reading Challenge Plan

Hello All:

Below is a 40 day Lenten reading plan for the ENTIRE New Testament. I this created plan last year on internship, and it worked very well.

Rather than giving up something like Chocolate or Coffee, perhaps you can give up 20 or so minutes of your evening, 6 nights a week (Sundays off!) and read the ENTIRE NEW TESTAMENT. How cool of a discipline would that be?

Feel free to print it out and shove in in your Bible and follow along.

In Christ,

Matthew Agee

Lent 2012 Reading Guide – 40 Day Plan

(it took me a while to make this, so don’t remove the copyright info)

Kelso Update 2011 – Inexplicable

Employees at Sears, 341 Three Rivers Drive, Kelso, told Kelso police that a man wheeled his bicycle into the department store’s bathroom Tuesday and spray-painted it white, leaving paint on the floor, according to a police report. The man then stole three pairs of pants before leaving. He left behind his backpack, which contained burglary tools, firecrackers and hygiene items, police said.

via The Daily News


I know, Blogs are dumb when you don’t update them. I won’t be making any grand pronouncements about some honest change of habit and a new dedication to blogging regularly. It may very well be that this is the one and only blog post for the calendar year 2010.

I spose stuff happened.

I think the only thing that I have worth mentioning this week is that I have just finished my 34th book since I moved here to AZ for internship. That is something, I reckon. Now, to be fair, they are almost all fiction, and crappy fiction at that.

I just don’t feel like reading dense theological books when I can read a shoot-em-up Western. Especially after I spend 12 hours working at church on Sunday.

So that is that. A post. We’ll see if I do this again soon.

take one and call me sometime

I used to buy a bottle of vitamins once a year or so and then remember to take them bi-annually, letting them expire on the shelf, only to be tossed and restocked with “fresher” ones. The funny thing was, after each time I actually remembered to take one, I always felt a little proud, like, “yeah, I take vitamins, I took one a last February – this proves that I’m actively interested in my health.”


(actual type of vitamins I bought)

But I spose that is the issue: you don’t really notice what a vitamin does. For all its obvious benefits, that one pill may very well have done wonders for me. The last couple months (by moving the vitamin bottle out of the cabinet and onto the counter next to my toothbrush – amazing!) I have been actually taking one every night. But here I am, 60 pills later, and I am not sure if I am any healthier. When I take an aspirin, I know when it works because my head stops aching. Same thing with most medications that a doctor provides, anti-biotics for an infection, pain meds, sleeping pills, there is some measurable result, usually. The only thing different about me now is that I  just bought my first a new bottle of vitamins before the old ones expired.


Is my B6 level higher? I think so, according to the bottle, I ingest 150% of my daily recommended value.  Same figure for Vitamin E. Is 300% of B12 good? Seems excessive. I realize that each of these is good for me in general, but really, aside from what I am told by the wikipedia, how can I really tell? Each pill contains:

1 Tablet. Amount Per Serving: Vitamin A 3500IU, Vitamin C 90mg, Vitamin D 400IU, Vitamin E 45IU, Vitamin K 20mcg, Vitamin B-1 (Thiamin) 1.2mg, Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) 1.7mg, Niacin 16mg, Vitamin B-6 3mg, Folic Acid 400mcg, Vitamin B-12 18mcg, Biotin 30mcg, Pantothenic Acid 5mg, Calcium 210mg, Magnesium 120mg, Zinc 15mg, Selenium 105mcg, Copper 2mg, Manganese 2mg, Chromium 120mcg, Potassium 100mg, Lycopene 0.6mcg.

Vitamin C helps with immune systems, though (right?), so perhaps that is keeping me a little sharper during Swine Flu Days. But what about lycopene? 0.6mg of that. Only 3% of my potassium, sadly. 100% of Folic Acid. w00t! In truth, aside from the mental knowledge of my improved health, I don’t feel any different. I’m still tired all the time, I still grow a patchy beard when I try, and I still can’t see things far away without them looking a little fuzzy.

I’ll keep taking them though – they are right there, afterall. They aren’t hurting me and I prolly should keep doing it. We’re supposed to, right?

Kelso Update – Balls to the Walls

100 block of Triangle Center, Longview – The manager of a business at the Triangle Center called 911 Tuesday afternoon to complain of a man with a sign charging people $5 to kick him in the privates. Police said the 23-year-old Rainier man told them he made $23 Monday because he charges females only $3. Police told him to move along.

1322 Miles, $39.90 in tolls, 24MPG, Lewiston, Maine?

Maine. I have moved to Maine for the summer. I am doing an internship at a local hospital – clinical pastoral education (CPE). It is a summer long unit where I will learn to be a chaplain, learning how to be a front-line sort of counselor and minister. At this point (approx 10 hours until I show up) I am pretty excited. We’ll see if that changes as the weeks go on.

I left Dubuque last Friday, and stayed in Cleveland the first night. The next day I drove to Cooperstown, NY, getting there in the evening. All of the hotels were either full or ridiculously overpriced for the holiday weekend. I ended up staying in a cabin at a campground. Not only did my cell phone not work, but their wireless didn’t get to the cabin – talk about roughing it.

The next morning, I had planned on going to the Hall of Fame. As I packed my truck up, I discovered that I only had one shoe in my possesion. I knew that I had been wearing them the day before, and I hadn’t really done anything outside of my truck – it must have fallen out of the passenger side or something. Losing a shoe! That sucks! Right? I had spent 3 years molding them to my feet exactly. A new pair is not only going to be less comfortable, but also cost me 60 bucks.

Screw that.

I thought back, and remembered having stopped only once the previous evening, to move some things from the back of my truck to the cab. The sky ahead looked like it was about to pour. It was pretty neat looking, so since I was stopped I took acouple pictures while I was there. And then it started to rain. Hard. And it pretty much rained for the next 12 hours.

But, I, thought, had photo evidence of the exact location of where my shoe may have fallen. It was worth the trip, backtracking a dozen miles to milepost unknown – I just had to match the terrain to the photo, right? Here are the pics.


Actually, as I was driving back down that road looking for big field there in the picture, that right there on the side of the road was one solitary shoe. An adidas, soaked, but still alive. Unwearable for a few days, but still my cinderella-fitted shoe.

I always wondered why there are so many shoes on the sides of roads, I spose this semi-explains it.

Unnecessary DVD of the day

Finally, because this is what we should all buying after we have sold our gold to Ed McMahon.


Cardio for Indie Rockers

Pudding, for storage of proof.

Gallup has done a poll on the Importance of Religion between the states in America. Even though 65% say that they are religous, look at this here map.


No real surprises. The Bible Belt is well girded, and aside from those cold northern oceanic states, people are all sorta religious. Seattle is still not a proGod place, but I could have told you that.

Hey Cisco! Hey Pancho!

I bought a boxset of TV shows called Classic TV Westerns 300 Episodes. It is, as it says, a collection of old Westerns from the 50s and 60s, most of which I think are public domain.

One of the shows is called The Cisco Kid.

It is about a sorta classic kids Western mold, a brave western caballero who wears a silly sequined outfit and has a fat and oafish sidekick with a silly accent. I looked it up on the internets and found that it was orignally a radio show which had over 600 episodes, On TV it ran for 6 years, and had over 150 episodes.

My favorite part is that at the begining of the show it says O. Henry’s classic character, the Cisco Kid. But it turns out, “in O. Henry’s original story, he was a non-Hispanic character and a cruel outlaw.” Which is pretty much the complete opposite of this show.

It is in color, which is novel, and the stories are thin but fun. Here is an episode at the Internet Archive.

Pictures in the Snow

These were from Galena, IL, today.

Here is the bluff that we can see from our windows at Sunset.